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Appetizers served from the kitchen or sushi bar


Bowl of fresh Japanese soybeans served with salt

$ 4.49

New Mexico Starfish

Golden fried jalapenos topped with spicy crab meat and avocados.



Deep fried Japanese style spring rolls

$ 4.99

Peppered Salmon

Seared salmon in a pepper seasoning served over radish, scallions and ponzu sauce.

$ 9.99

Sushi Appetizer

4 pieces of assorted sushi (all salmon or tuna $2.00 extra)

$ 7.99

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Traditional Sushi and Sashimi Dishes


12 pieces of assorted aw fish served with a side of seasoned rice

$ 19.99

Sashimi Regular

8 pieces if sashimi served with a California roll (all Salmon or Tuna $2.00 extra)


Sushi and Sashimi Combination

4 pieces of sushi and 4 pieces of sashimi (all tuna or salmon $2.00 extra)


Sushi for Two

16 pieces of assorted fresh fish over rice and served with a California, Alaska and tuna roll.


Sushi and Sashimi for two

6 pieces of assorted sushi, 10 pieces of assorted sashimi served with a tuna, dragon and California roll.


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Tokyo Cafe Bento Box Combinations

Served with choice of: Spring roll, Shrimp Tempura, Goyza or Edamame All boxes include California Roll and Steamed rice ( Sub fried rice for $2.00)

Teriyaki Tofu Box

$ 11.99

Teriyaki Chicken Box

$ 12.99

Teriyaki Salmon Box

$ 13.99

Teriyaki Shrimp Box

$ 13.99

Teriyaki Steak Box

$ 13.99

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Hibachi Lunch Specials

Hibachi Vegetables

$ 7.99

Hibachi Chicken


Hibachi Beef Teriyaki

$ 9.99

Hibachi Steak (NY Strip)

$ 9.99

Hibachi Shrimp


Hibachi Salmon

$ 9.99

Hibachi Filet Mignon

$ 12.99

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Fried rice and Teriyaki Lunch Specials

Teriyaki lunch specials served with a House salad and white rice

Chicken Fried Rice

$ 8.99

Shrimp Fried Rice

$ 9.99

Beef Fried Rice

$ 9.99

Combo Fried Rice

Beef, Chicken and Shrimp fried rice

$ 11.99

Teriyaki Chicken

$ 8.49

Teriyaki Salmon

$ 9.49

Teriyaki Shrimp

$ 9.49

Teriyaki Steak

$ 9.49

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